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Disk Sizing Information

Our new ONE SIZE disks are designed to fit our new press!


The Impress! Cookie Press and our new Disk Size


We decided to finally offer a press of our own and make all of our disks designed mainly to fit our press. It’s been hard offering an “aftermarket” disk product with so many different presses out there! Offering our own press that our disks are designed to fit helps us and our customers. By doing this we could eliminate the troublesome “what disk size do I need?” question.


After a LOT of trial and error a disk size was chosen that fit not just our press but as many others as possible, including nearly everything that our former “size M” fit. Why no more size “P”? We tried and tried to find a "universal disk size" that would fit presses that took our “P” as well as our “M”, but it was futile. The gap between the two sizes cannot be bridged. A “middle-size” disk that’s small enough to fit the smaller M size bottom rings will fall through or pop out of a size P bottom ring. And if it fits the P ring it is too tight to go into the smaller M’s. Honestly, the size P was such a small portion of our business, and such a headache with people mixing up the sizes that we decided to go with just one size. We’re very sorry that this affects a number of our customers. We didn't want to burden the "P" press owners but being a very small business, we had to make a good business decision. If your press just isn't a good fit for the new disk size, we did our best to make our new press a good value for those who want to make the switch! We included 12 super cute and unique disks found only in the box set.


That said, there are a few presses that fit our size P disks that MAY still work with our new disks. The key is centering the disk in the dough at the end of a filled cookie press barrel. When you then screw the end ring on, make sure the disk stays as centered as possible to minimize any leakage. Use only SOFT easy-pressing dough and re-center as needed.


Please see the list below of presses we know we DO and DO NOT fit. We apologize for the inconvenience


  ***Manual Presses that have a quarter (1/4) twist and lock bottom ring (ring for disk) - will NOT work with our new sized disks.***


***If you have an Electric Press scroll down to see information regarding Electric Presses before ordering.*** You will find that information under FAQ's and More.


Disk Sizing Information for MANUAL Presses

  • Atlas Deluxe® Biscuit Maker– YES
  • Avon® Cookie Press Kit – YES
  • Bonjour Cookie Press - YES
  • Cucina Pro® – YES
  • Cuisinart® (Both Clear Manual and Electric)– YES, but for both Manual and Electric presses you must follow our “Instructions for use in Electric Presses.”
  • DOB – NO
  • Edge Cook® - YES
  • Faberware® – NO
  • Food Network® – YES
  • Hutzler® – YES, but must be Centered
  • Kaiser® - YES, but gets stuck in barrel though
  • KitchenAid® - NO
  • Kuhn Rikon® (Plastic Rings and Metal Barrel press) – NO
  • Kuhn Rikon® Clear Cookie Press (Plastic Rings and Plastic Barrel) – YES
  • Marcato® – YES
  • Marcato® (Older - w/Quarter Twist and Lock Bottom Ring) – NO
  • The Martha Stewart Collection™ - YES and even though it is not electric, follow our "Instructions for use in Electric Presses.”
  • Mirro® - NO
  • Nordic Ware® – YES
  • Norpro® – YES, but TIGHT
  • OXO® Good Grips – YES
  • The Pampered Chef® – NO.
  • The Pampered Chef® older large squeeze handle press with large plastic approx. 2 3/4” disks – NO
  • Saken™ (all metal press) – YES
  • Saken™ (press with metal barrel but plastic handle and end ring) –  NO 
  • Sawa Cookie Press (w/Quarter Twist and Lock Ring) - NO                    
  • Wear-Ever® (older) Manual press – NO
  • Williams-Sonoma® - NO
  • Wilton® (Very Small only sold at Holidays in Poly Bag (NO BOX) - YES
  • Wilton® (older 2000's press with ¼ twist and lock ring and metal disks) – NO
  • Wilton® (older 2000's press with screw on ring and metal disks) – NO
  • Wilton® Cookie Pro Ultra II and Wilton® Comfort Grip™ (current, now called Simple Success™) – NO
  • Wilton® Preferred Cookie Press – NO
  • Wilton® (Electric) - NO
  • Wolfgang Puck – YES, but must keep it Centered
  • Zulay Cookie Press - YES


Electric, Battery Powered, (or Some Manual) Cookie Presses with 2.25 inch disks:

If you have an ELECTRIC, BATTERY POWERED or MANUAL Press that uses disks that are approximately 2.25 inches, please CONTACT US first before placing an order. We DO NOT make disks that size, but we DO offer a work around using the disks we sell. You can view the
"Special Instructions For Electric Presses" on this website. Just look under FAQ's and More for "Electric Press Instructions."


**For questions, assistance, or additional information, contact us at doughwoes@impressbakeware.com or through the Amazon messaging system for further assistance. We are happy to help!**
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