Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)





Can I purchase your disks locally at a Retail Store? 

No.  Our disks are only available online through this website (Impress Bakeware), on our Impress Bakeware store on Amazon, or on Etsy.   


Do you take phone orders?



Is any other online company authorized to sell your product?

No. We are the only Official Impress Bakeware Company selling our products.  We have no affiliation with any other company, nor do we condone any unauthorized selling of our products for more money than what our Official Company sells them for. We can't control what they sell or for how much but be aware that this is NOT a legitimate Impress Bakeware Company.


Will you create a custom disk for me?



Will you create or offer disks of my favorite cartoon or animated character, logo or mascot, etc?

No. Because of trademark, copyright and legal issues it is doubtful we will be doing anything like that at all. The legalities behind doing anything like that would be expensive and complicated.


Do you offer customization of sets?

No. How our sets are offered is the only way you can purchase them.


Do you have a storage box for my disks?

No, the disks can remain in the packaging that the disks come in.


Where can I buy the little eyes I see in your pictures?

Look online for 3/16 inch "candy eyes" or "icing eyes."


What do you color your dough with?

We suggest using a food coloring paste or gel instead of regular food coloring liquid.  Using the liquid can change the consistency of the dough.


What is the warranty period for your cookie presses?

We offer a one-year warranty on our cookie presses. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase. 

If you have any questions or issues with your cookie press, we always suggest contacting us first so that we can help you resolve your issue and please always find your order information first before contacting us.  We will need that information.

Please contact us at: