**Special Instructions For Electric Presses**

If you have an ELECTRIC, BATTERY POWERED or MANUAL Press that uses disks that are approximately 2.25 inches, we DO NOT make disks that size, but we DO offer a work around using the disks we sell.


Use our new sized disks (or our old size M disks in our Original Classic Clear Disks), but instead of inserting them into the bottom RING of your press, place dough in the press barrel, leaving a disk-thick amount of space at the end, and PLACE THE DISK GENTLY INTO THE DOUGH, INSIDE THE BARREL, pushed in until even with the end of the barrel.  Center evenly from the barrel sides. Holding your press bottom-up, place the ring on, making sure the disk stays centered.  If the ring won’t go on, remove more dough and press the disk in a little further until the ring fits. If you experience dough leakage from the disk edge during pressing, simply re-center the disk.

**The below example is based on our old style disks, but the same method applies.**